About Us

We are a small but well equipped team of highly trained specialists. Most of our staff are served engineers with a broad experience in their field.

  • Ian Campbell – Company Director, a serviced toolmaker with over 35 years experience in the trade
  • Sam Martin – Welder Fabricator
  • Paul Barton – Welder Fabricator
  • James Herring – Welder Fabricator
  • Tom Campbell – Apprentice Machinist
  • Jonathan South – Driver/General Hand

We also collaborate closely and seamlessly with a robust network of highly skilled tool- makers, fabricators, welders and technicians who share our high standards and vision.

Paton developments founded Capital Fabrications in 2010 to handle the ever increasing demands of the frequent and varied metal fabrication projects requested by its clients.

Paton realised that in order to ensure complex jobs were delivered on time, on budget and accurate to detailed technical specifications, they had to control the manufacture and supply chain. Through acquisition and investment the Paton Group launched Capital Fabrications.

Based in Hampshire, we now produce a variety of projects supporting the Paton Group in the hotel leisure, commercial and residential sectors. These projects include; balustrades, balconies, canopies, construction steels, railings, stair cases and a variety of individual specialist jobs.

Due to substantial grown over the last twelve months, Capital Fabrications have recently moved into new premises in Portsmouth.

We also use our highly equipped 12,000 ft2 distribution centre in Farnborough and are already looking to acquire more space in 2016.

As a company we are accredited with the BSI ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Our core philosophy has always been to provide our customers with a cost effective, superior quality product.

Inspection is a vital part of our product control, as is to be expected from an ISO 9002, 9001:2008 accredited company. We always welcome visits from customers who wish to review our procedures and documentation.