What We Do

Whatever the project size or complexity we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure they achieve their objectives as cost effectively and expediently as possible. We have a lot of experience and ideas and believe we really add value as part of this build process.

From that collaboration a detailed brief and specification is created in order for us to design on CAD/CAM or 3D. These detailed designs help us deliver very accurate quotations (not estimates) and timing schedules. We understand that not all companies have the skills or expertise in-house to carry out sheet metal design, so we have the latest SolidWorks 3D Design capabilities to help our customers evolve their sheet metal designs into products.

The main arm of our business is our custom metal fabrication service. We have invested in a variety of equipment to offer these services in-house. These include:

  • Sheering, punching, bending, rolling, drilling, tapping and welding
  • CNC, milling and turning
  • Powder coating
  • MIG, TIG, plasma, gas (argon) and welding

Our skilled operators, coupled with our presses and our wide range of tooling capabilities, are able to overcome these intricate forms that are sometimes required. We also have specialised tooling suppliers to help with any bespoke forming requirements on specific components.

Our highly accurate CNC punch presses are able to produce repeatable, quality profiled flat pattern blanks.

Our welders are qualified to BS EN287-1:2011 standard, which means you can have complete confidence in our experienced and expert team. Our welding department has a wide array of equipment, which helps us produce a range of welding techniques to achieve the high standards required by our customers.

Dependant on the project we collaborate closely with architects, design teams, builders and contractors. We are always happy to be included in the installation process of our projects.

Over the years out team have worked across many sectors to include;

  • Architectural, structural, interior design or bespoke ornamental.